If you need a coffee to start your day, don’t worry, I know of a nice cozy cafe in Kobe 🙂

Coffee Up!

 Weekday / 8am to 6pm Weekend/ 9am to 6pm / Thursday closed

 Credit Cards – Not Accepted, PayPay – Accepted

 5 Chome-10-21 Aioicho, Chuo Ward, Kobe, Hyogo 650-0025  078-585-7474

BLACKFilter, Long Black, Espresso, etc¥350
WHITELatte, Flat white, Cappuccino, etc¥450
OTHERChai latte, Hot chocolate, Juice, etc¥500

It is only a 5min walk from JR Kobe station to get a nice coffee. Having been a barista, I have recommend Coffee Up to many of my former customers and friends as I know this cafe serves good coffee.

The baristas (actual cafe owners) have worked in a number cafe’s in Melbourne (Australia) and Japan.

One of the unique aspects about Coffee Up is that they serve Decaf coffee and have a Soy milk as an option.

They source their blend coffee from Taoca Coffee (located in Okamoto, Kobe), and their single origin coffees are sourced from a number of select Japanese roasters. As a result, you can sample a variety of quality roaster’s coffee without having to travel to places like Tokyo, Kyoto, Fukuoka etc.

As a bonus, all the barista’s speak English, so you can enjoy a conversation while savoring Coffee Up’s unique coffee experience 🙂

Oh, and if you are into Latte Art, one of their baristas is Latte Art Japan Throwdown Champion!


Blue Bottle Coffee

 8am to 7pm  Credit Cards – Accepted

 1 Maemachi, Chuo Ward, Kobe, Hyogo 650-0039

BLACKFilter / Espresso / Americano / etcfrom ¥450
WHITECappuccino / Latte / Cafe au Lait / etcfrom ¥500
OTHERCold brew / Lemonade / Apple Juice / etcfrom ¥500
FOODSPork & Cheese sandwich / Waffle ¥700 / ¥500
SWEETSChocolate chip cookie / Pound cake / etc¥300 / ¥400

Blue Bottle Coffee is originally from California. In Japan they have 15 shops, 13 in Tokyo and 2 in the Kansai Region.

As the second shop in Kansai, Kobe Blue Bottle opened its doors in 20 July 2018. The first Kansai shop to open is in Kyoto.

Design by Jo Nagasaka, the Kobe shop is a beautiful design. There is a Yagura (Turret) made in brass in the middle of the shop that serves as the staff’s work-area and customer-facing register counter.

The shop can seat 63 people which makes it good for group gatherings. Inside the shop, you will find a variety of different tables, sofas and a large communal table (which is always adorned with a beautiful floral arrangement from HERB DE CAMPAGNE in Sannomiya).

Blue Bottle Coffee Japan roasts their coffee beans in Tokyo. They have two types of coffee beans for Espresso. Their original blend is Hayes Valley Espresso. It has a dark chocolate, orange zest and brown sugar flavor. Their single origin coffee is a light roast.

They serve their blend coffee with a single shot and their single origin are served with two shots. Unfortunately Blue Bottle does not customize their coffee.

They also have something to eat. Pork and Cheese hot sandwich, Waffle, Chocolate cookies, and Gluten free seasonal pound cake, Granola with milk etc.

The staffs are very friendly and have lovely smiles. Enjoy!

Round Point Cafe

 Tue to Fri 7am to 9pm / Weekend 10am to 9pm  Credit Cards – Not Accepted

 4 Chome-2-7 Sakaemachidori, Chuo Ward, Kobe, Hyogo 650-0023  078-599-9474

BLACKEspresso / Americano / Filter ¥250 / ¥370 / ¥370
WHITECortado / Cappuccino / Latte / etcfrom ¥390
OTHERHot chocolate / Flavored latte / Apple juice / etcfrom ¥400
FOODSHot sandwich (egg&cheese, honey,ham&cheese)from ¥ 300
SWEETSScone / Cheese cake with whip cream / etc¥250 / ¥450

This is another of my favorite cafes in Kobe. Even though there is a sign near the cafe, it is a little tricky to find. Make sure you have GoogleMaps on standby! 🙂

It takes only 3 min from the Minato Motomachi Station. While it is a bit of a walk, Round Point Cafe is also accessible from either JR Kobe, JR Motomachi and Hanshin Motomachi Stations.

It is a cozy place to rest or study as the shop as Wi-fi and power outlets for use.

The cafe opened its doors on 19th April 2014. From to time, the cafe uses part of its space as a temporary gallery or meeting place for group English lessons (run by native English speakers)(*If people are interested, then it will make them inquire directly). The owner also runs pop-up cafe events around Kobe city during summer.

The cafe owner roast his coffee beans. He has a variety of coffee ranging from light to a dark roast. The cafe’s original blend is a medium roast coffee.

The owner’s coffee is also available at 120 Workplace (a co-working center in Kobe Sannomiya) as the Round Point Cafe is in partnership with the co-working center’s cafe operations.

As well as coffee, the cafe serves ginger latte, rosemary latte (using homemade syrups) and some organic fizzy drinks. They also serve sandwiches and some baked goods.

As the cafe is open from 7am to 9pm between Tuesday to Friday, it is nice place to start or finish your day 🙂

The owner is a very accommodating and friendly individual, who is willing to customize your order to your liking. He is also very kind as he supports sustainable coffee farming by donating part of his profits to coffee related NPO and NGOs. He enjoys a chat and is happy to talk with his customers 🙂 Enjoy!